Medisana BU 516

Arrhythmia detection
Two-person memory settings
Batteries and pouch included
Big screen

Main features

Medisana BU 516 is an ideal BP monitor which produces fast and accurate blood pressure measurements. It is a certified medical device ideal for daily upper arm check-ups at home. Medisana measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse readings. Furthermore, it also shows time and has an arrhythmia display function. But do remember that the severity of arrhythmia can be evaluated only by the doctor. What’s more, the Medisana device displays measured values with the World Health Organization (WHO) traffic light color scale for easier measurement classification of health results. Moreover, with Medisana two users can save up to 90 recordings per person. Nonetheless, if you want to fully understand memory feature, we recommend reading through the instruction manual as this feature is not entirely straightforward.

Portability and Design

Speaking about the design, Medisana BU 516 blood pressure monitor has a large screen with highly visible illuminated digits. The device itself is not significantly big (13 x 11 x 6 cm), weighing only 0.30 kg, working fast and efficiently. It requires 4 AA batteries, which are already included in the box. One of the great things about Medisana BP monitor is that it does not take much space, being of quite compact size and comes with a durable carry bag, which enables you to take it anywhere you go. Plus, you would have secure and easy transportation. Regarding the cuff, Medisana contains quite a short 22-36cm long cuff which might fit only slim upper arm users. Also, we found that Medisana takes a while to show results, while at the same time it squeezes measuring arm pretty tightly giving very unpleasant feeling.

Ease of use

Large digits can really ease up the measuring process, especially for those who struggle with their eyesight. To set up users for this device as well as the date and time, we suggest reading the manual to understand its button operation and general functioning better. Moreover, the first set of AA batteries are already included. To measure your blood pressure, all you need to do is put on the cuff, sit your arm on the stable surface and press the power button. Just don’t forget that Medisana will take a while to display measurements.


All in all, Medisana BU 516 blood pressure monitor will provide you with quick and accurate measurements whenever you like. If you’re looking for a monitor which will store your readings for future use, Medisana can provide you with two-people memory settings, saving 90 readings each. However, this device has some negative features, too. First, we found its cuff to be quite uncomfortable to wear. The second negative feature is that this device is not very straightforward. Therefore, you’ll have to go through the instructions to fully comprehend it. Finally, even though Medisana is quite affordable, you will have to pay extra for the shipping. So, before purchasing this device, think about whether Medisana is worth your money.