How we evaluated BP monitors

We tested 5 of our chosen BP monitors to find the best and most efficient device and deliver the final verdict.

We asked these questions to determine the score:

How accurate is this BP monitor?

To test the accuracy of each blood pressure monitor, we proceeded as follows:

  • Step 1: the doctor took the initial measurement (Measurement 1), and it was treated as a reference value to which test measurements were to be compared.
  • Step 2: our tester took three measurements (2-4) using the device that was being tested.
  • Step 3: Measurements 2-4 were compared to Measurement 1, and accuracy was evaluated.

The same process was then repeated for each and every device.

Is it easy to use?

Our team looked at the technical operation of these devices, whether they operate by a single button or by multiple ones. Moreover, the quality of the display screen was a big part of this examination, its size, clarity, and what sort of information was displayed on them. The final element of this criterion examination was app-based operation and whether any of these devices had one.

Does the BP monitor maintain a memory feature?

Memory feature was another crucial criterion when testing these BP monitors. Quite often, these devices do not have a memory to save previous measurements and track your health. Hence it was a key element here.

Is it easy to carry it around?

During the testing, our team also paid attention to the size of these selected devices, whether they seem to be bulky or small and perfect for traveling or carrying around.

Is the cuff comfortable enough?

We looked at the length of the cuffs, their adjustability and universality, whether they can fit small arm and large upper arm owners.

How much are they?

The selected BP monitors are already the most affordable ones out there. However, we did look into the overall picture of these devices, their features, and their ultimate price.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping and extra fees were the last criteria we looked at while testing these BP monitors. We paid attention to various costs as some brands out there tend to put substantial shipping price on products, leading to quite an expensive purchase. Hence, we preferred lower shipping costs or free shipping.