Highly accurate
Auto power-off
Universal cuff
2x90 readings memory
Compact and travel-friendly
Large LCD screen
Risk indicator
Free shipping

Main features

If you researched blood pressure monitors, you have probably seen different types of devices out there. One of our top picks is HeartiPro - a digital portable upper-arm type BP monitor. We got a chance to test it ourselves, and here is why we think HeartiPro is a great pick. HeartiPro is not a complicated monitor, maintaining a three-button operation. We found that the device is straightforward and the button operation is precise and fast. You can simply press the START/STOP button as it either starts or stops the measuring process. The second button is MEM which is responsible for the memory feature. Two people can use this BP monitor to save their readings with up to 90 measurements for each user. We also found out that it is effortless to set and check the history. The device displays who is getting their measurements taken at that moment. Right after that, you press MEM to check past readings between two users. It’s an ideal device to use by yourself and your family members. Finally, the last SET button was designed to set up the date and time. What’s more, if HeartiPro is left with power on for around three minutes without using it, it will automatically shut down, saving battery power. Lastly, after testing this BP monitor, we found that the button operation is working smoothly without even a need to look through the manual.

Portability and Design

After seeing HeartiPro with our own eyes and holding it in our hands, it is easy to claim that this device is very travel-friendly, lightweight and compact. This BP monitor is great for keeping at home and taking on trips. If you have the standard batteries, you can use HeartiPro straight out of the box! When it comes to HeartiPro’s exterior, this BP monitor has a pretty large LCD screen that displays easy-to-read digits. Our team had no problem reading the numbers. Plus, this BP monitor has a handy chart on the left side of the screen that displays blood pressure classification, whether your blood pressure is normal or too high.

Regarding the cuff, this can be a gamechanger, as often various brands fail to equip their BP monitors with appropriate and comfortable cuffs. This one is very comfortable, and won’t squeeze the arm too tight. You can also adjust the cuff yourself. HeartiPro’s 22-42cm cuff ensures that people of all upper arm sizes can use it.

Ease of use

You really don’t need to be an expert to use this HeartiPro BP monitor. It’s pretty straightforward! We recommend putting its cuff on the left arm, not too tight, but also not too loose. During the measuring, stay still and put your arm on a stable surface. Also, make sure that the bottom part of the cuff would be placed above the bend of the elbow. Finally, press the START button and begin. For the best results, we recommend measuring your blood pressure at the same time every day. Ultimately, if you struggle with operating this device, HeartiPro comes with highly comprehensive instructions to help you out.


We do know it’s challenging to find an ideal, accurate, affordable, and most importantly, trustworthy blood pressure monitor. However, after testing all of our selected BP monitors, it became evident that HeartiPro matches most of the criteria. Firstly, HeartiPro is a great travel companion due to its lightweight and compact exterior. Secondly, it maintains a simple three-button operation. Finally, it comes with a comfortable and fully adjustable cuff that will fit all arms. With HeartiPro, you will get a highly affordable device without having to pay shipping fees or extra charges.